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An Indoor swimming pool with sliding cover Entry steps Indoor for an indoor Swimming Pool
Entry steps Indoor for an indoor Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Construction Guide

The answer to this question could not be easier, at A.C.T swimming pools we spend more time repairing other companies 'liner pools' that it is simple to state what type of pool is best.

Thirty years ago when liner pools where a fraction of the cost, they were considered by some to be a 'quick’ fix, a cheap answer to giving the kids somewhere to swim. Not realising that you can not heat the water continually and that they look cheap and nasty, people went the 'liner' route.

Now that liner pool prices are on the same par as a ‘proper’re-in forced concrete swimming pool, there is no decision to make. A concrete swimming pool whether painted or fully mosaic tile is a beautiful thing and will add pleasure to your life and your family. Now on par and in some cases cheaper than the 'liner' option people should only go for the concrete pool.

At A.C.T swimming pools we are quite often asked to 'do away' with the 'plastic' finish to a liner pool. If the liner pool has a concrete base and walls, we can carry this out for a few more pounds that a new supplied liner. We can supply and fix new e.m.l. reinforcing to the complete shell of your pool and render with our mix of water proof sand and cement.[see and example in our gallery pages]. If the pool is to far gone, then we can construct a new concrete pool within the existing excavation, it won't cost as much as you think to achieve a band new concrete pool with glass mosaic tiles that will be an attribute to you house and garden. Call our team and we will give you an on the spot quote.

A.C.T. Swimming pools use parts and fittings from companies that are considered to be the best in the swimming pool business, LACRON, CERTIKIN, STAXIL, BADU,SCP, STA-RITE,ORIGINAL STYLE and UDNYS. Pools of paradise waiting for you to order. Here are some notable points that can help you decide on a concrete swimming pool.

There are several distinct construction methods for private (home) swimming pools, which are typically called "concrete", "vinyl liner", and "fibreglass". The term "vinyl liner" pool describes the method of lining the interior, not the construction materials, which may be concrete (of various types), At A.C.T, we will always refer our clients to our large client base of satisfied customers who have had a new concrete pool installed by us.

Concrete pools have many different construction methods, as the term concrete describes the basic materials used in construction, and fibreglass refers to the base material of the pool shell which is fibreglass reinforced resin generally 5 mm in thickness. As these terms refer to different parts of the pool the names may be confusing to the newcomer to the swimming pool world. We would always fully mosaic our pools rather than use fibreglass on the interior. Concrete pools may be constructed using many differing methods.

A.C.T swimming pools construct all there pools using concrete blocks and vibrated concrete infill! Concrete pools are not dissimilar to concrete ships: i.e. they are a contiguous shell that will float under certain circumstances. It is therefore essential that an unrestricted hydrostatic valve[HRV] is incorporated in the pool design. It is not advisable to empty these pools unnecessarily - especially during rainy months or in areas of high water table - as the operation of the hydro valve is necessary to avoid flotation (and possible destruction) of the swimming pool. The emptying of all pools must be conducted strictly under the supervision of A.C.T members of staff or an authorized consultant. When you have decided on a design call one of our dedicated pool team to discuss a site visit.

A.C.T. swimming pools can also arrange for the financing of your project by introducing you to our financial consultant, who can help you re-mortgage or by arranging a low cost loan. In many cases the remortgaging can result in lower monthly repayments even with the extra money for the project being funded.


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