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An Indoor swimming pool with sliding cover Entry steps Indoor for an indoor Swimming Pool
Entry steps Indoor for an indoor Swimming Pool


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Excavation of standard concrete swimming pool about to start, marking out completed

Excavation complete, note the cleanliness of the lawn

Excavation of deluxe concrete swimming pool underway.
Pool has to be shaped manually.

Deluxe concrete swimming pool excavated with steel reinforcing mesh in place ready for concrete pour.

Deluxe concrete swimming pool floor being poured with ready mix concrete.

Deluxe concrete swimming pool walls starting to be constructed with hollow concrete blocks.

Deluxe concrete swimming pool deep end wall nearing completion.Stel reinforcing bar is laid along every horizontal mortar joint for extra strength

Deluxe pool block work nearing completion.
The 'roman' stepped end is now being formed.

Deluxe concrete swimming pool construction nearing completion. Now ready for full mosaic tiling.

Standard concrete swimming pool construction completed.
Now ready for mosaic tile band , rendering and paint.

Standard concrete swimming pool now has mosaic tile band at water level. Paint ready to be applied.

Deluxe pool has outer paving retaining wall constructed.

Deluxe pool has 'Indian' sand stone paving laid in concrete sub-raft.

Deluxe pool has full mosaic tiling with special 'gold vein' roman key for water level band.

Deluxe pool full mosaic tiling nearing completion.

Standard pool ready for water hose, having been completed from start to finish in '4' weeks.

Standard concrete swimming pool filled and complete with solar blanket cover and storage roller system.

Standard pool ready to use, completed in'4' Weeks.

An old free form shaped concrete swimming pool needing complete refurbishment.

The same pool '3' weeks later, having under gone complete refurbishment including full mosaic tiling with decorative bands, roman key and dolphin motif.

Indoor concrete swimming pool project awaits finishing.

The same indoor concrete swimming pool now finished complete with wall murals.

Indoor concrete swimming pool with 'green' mosaic tiles-Note the wall mural commissioned by us.

Indoor pool with 'Roman' key mosaic-again wall mural commissioned by A.C.T. swimming pools

Out door concrete swimming pool with 'rolldeck' automatic cover.

Pool from different angle, showing rolldeck cover

Indoor sports pool with 'rolldeck' cover system.

'L' Shaped old concrete swimming pool ready for full refurbishment.

Same 'L' shaped pool having under gone the full A.C.T. refurbishment treatment including full glass mosaic tiled finish.

Glass mosaic 'Star' mural fixed around sump main drain.

Old concrete built liner pool ready for conversion to cement interior finish

Conversion method from weak concrete liner to reinforced cement finish, fixed E.M.L and rendering coat.

Pool to have 'wedding cake' styled steps, Note old steps in pool wall

Steps nearing completion.

Steps rendered ready for top coat or tiles

Concrete Spa and swimming pool combination-rendered ready for full mosaic finish

Both swimming pool and spa fully tiled with 'white glass' mosaic's,[clients 'horse racing colours for tiled water level band.]

Old concrete liner pool re-vamped and ready to swim

Now the old concrete liner pool with now new solid interior finish-.Note the entry to the corner steps!

Not bad for three weeks work.

mosaic spa

Bespoke tiled spas to suit any budget and size.

Fully Tiled Spa

Spa with popular blue and 'roman' key mosaic's.

Oval pool to start

New 'oval' shaped concrete swimming pool to construct, marked out lawn shows intended position.[see our 'marbelite page for more on this pool]

Oval pool Finished

Oval swimming pool and marble paving finished, Just how the client dreamed it would be.

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